How to create unique content for your niche site? ~2


In addition to what I share in my previous article: How to create unique content for your niche site?, another way to create unique content for your niche site or blog is through your personal story. You have to admit: everyone, even adults, love stories! And your story will show your life and personality, which in […]

Does your content have to be unique?


SEO gurus and Google tell people what matters is content quality, and one way to measure content quality is if the content is unique. So the question every content marketer should ask is: does my content have to be 100% unique? The short answer is NO. Gary Illyes from Google responded to a thread at Google […]

How to create unique content for your niche site?


Writing a blog is fun, but when it becomes a way to make money, you kind of ruin the fun part as you need to generate new ideas everyday. You may start to wonder: How to create unique content for your blog or niche site? There are numerous ways to do so, and the first […]

Terms you need to know for Google AdSense


Display advertising like Google AdSense, is a very effective way to generate extra income from your blog. It does not require extra work if you already have a blog. What you need to do is to find high converting Google AdSense ad units for your site. It’s that simple. But before you start to display […]

What are AdSense ad sizes?


Many bloggers (including me) generates a significant amount of income from AdSense ads. It is essential to be familiar with all the AdSense ad sizes in order to further increase your revenues. This cheat sheet by covers that information: [ order cheap viagra | accutane 5mg pills $89.00 | glucovance 500mg pills $142.00 | tadalafil cialis no […]